An amazing experience! The guides were entertaining and called us by name so that it was a personal experience. They were energetic and shared so much about the Hawaiian culture. Mahalo!!!
This was our second time with Ali'i Outriggers and we were not disappointed. They are fun, interesting, informative and friendly. Would highly recommend, great morning!
Had a blast paddling with these guys! Entertaining and informative!
Called to confirm our appointment. the person on the phone was rude and hung up on us during the call. When we called again to address our concern she again hung up on us. We will never book with them again.
So much fun. Mare and the crew (Vai et al) were so accommodating. Their base was just outside our room at the Maui Westin Resort. We set out early 7:30 am as we had to leave for a flight that day, and they were great. And as part of the "NDA," we cannot talk about what we saw (lots of water and blue skies for sure!), it was such an amazing experience! It was a great end to our Maui trip.
More fun than snorkeling...great group of guys.
Loved it! It’s a great way to start the day and earn those cold drinks poolside. We were lucky enough to have a real life Pro on our trip. Thanks guys! Can’t wait to take you up on your offer to row over to Lanai!! CrossFit got me ready!!
Thanks so much, I had the BEST time! It was fun, informative, met nice people and got some excersise. Lovely family run business. I could go again tomorrow!
Jamie and the crew are the best!
100% a must! This was fantastic, the guides were amazing and very knowledgeable. We’ve used them several times and we’re returning in two week bringing family and this was the first thing to do on our list!!
Had the best time! Great guides that shared lots of cultural history. Will definitely be back on our next trip to Maui! Thank you for an unforgettable trip!
As a guest at a hotel resort along a beach the canoes ride to, I was disgusted with the behavior of 2 of your crew. They deliberately pushed, and lured a turtle with food, toward their boat. Both against the law. When they were told not to, they yelled for us to "go back to the mainland, WE are locals". Disrepecting the turtles that draw us mainlanders to this company! Spend your money on a company that respects the aquatic life of Maui and us "mainlanders" who spend a fortune to experience it.
So much fun every time! Great local history, fun guides, turtles, even dolphins sometimes! This is the one thing we do in every trip to Maui!